Project Management Software developed from scratch

We develop Project Management software specifically customised to cater for your business processes and functions. Remember all the times you have used Microsoft Projects, Zoho and wanted more, we can change all of that for your organisation.

We can include modules such as;

  • Auto Time Sheet & Work Tracker.
  • Artificial Intelligence to preempt/predict Risks, Issues, Time, Cost & Quality indicators very early on in a project.
  • Expense & Budget Manager to capture/visualise all expenditure to include cost of hours/effort worked, and all other OpEx & CapEx costs. From this feature, you can see in real-time how much is getting spent from the defined budget by whom and on what.
  • Gantt Chart, Document Management, Risks & Issues Tracker, Milestones & Project, Dashboards, Reporting, Instance Messaging and Activity Feeds.

We have recently developed (2023) similar project management software for one of the largest Oil & Gas services companies globally. So get in touch with us so that we can build and implement a customised project management software for your organisation.

Project Planner

PMPplanner is a minimum viable product (MVP) foundation framework from which we can develop Project Management Software Application customised to manage any type of project across your organisation to include tracking tasks, work days or hours spent on tasks related cost, reflected also automatically in the overall Project Expenditure.

The Project Manager at a glance and in an instant has a full, accurate up to date picture of all Project costs. Its unique features include items that cater for sectors to include Utilities, Insurance, Banking, Logistics, Transport Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, such as the following:


PMPplanner Features

  • Tasks
  • Milestones
  • Budgeting & Cost Management
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Weekly Reporting Combined with Auto Generated Timesheet – Report once & capture your timesheet info
  • Settings management for a main user to be able select color, add logo and other minor theme customisations
  • Feed/Non-Instant/Conventional Email like Messaging/Announcements linked to a Project
  • Gantt Chart – With Planned Vs Actual clearly visualised
  • Elaborate Document Management Workflow with secure Guest Log On feature for Document sharing
  • Document Management & Workflow designed specifically for the Oil/Gas, Mining, Construction, Private & Public Sector sectors with secure guest login accounts
  • Project Status
  • Risks & Issues
  • Activity Stream
  • Instant Messaging/Chat
  • Calendar & Filters
  • Rest API integration which will allow data exchange with other Software & Mobile Apps

Point of Difference with other Project Management Tools are as follows

  • Elaborate Document Management Workflow like SharePoint with secure Guest/Client Log On feature for Document sharing
  • Weekly Reporting Combined with Auto Generated Timesheet – Report once & capture your timesheet info
  • Web or Cloud based or hosted on your Server
  • Monitoring and sending direct notification to your email on two of the three forces that influence the success of any Project: Cost, Time & Quality. – Customised solution built on request
  • Discuss (Communications Feature) like Microsoft Teams Chat
  • Settings feature to allow individual user experience customisation
  • Feeds – Communications feature - Historical logging and capture of all project activity
  • Unlimited usage and much cheaper than the competitions product licensing costs
  • Use SaaS version or Full Unlimited Usage Server Version